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There are two types of international companies in St. Kitts-Nevis: International Business Corporation (IBC) and Limited Liability Company (LLC)

International Business Corporation (IBC) names shall end with “Corporation”, “Incorporated”, “Limited” or their abbreviations: “Corp.” “Inc.”, “Ltd.” etc

The names of LLCs shall end with “limited liability company”, “limited company” or their abbreviations "LLC", "LL.C", "LC" or "L.C."

In addition, the names must not be the same with names appearing on the register of companies or the reserved name list of the Company’s Registrar.

An International Business Company in Nevis can be incorporated under a company limited by shares.

There should be at least one director and one shareholder, who could be a natural person or body corporate, resident, or non-resident in Nevis.

Information in relation to directors/shareholders is not publicly disclosed.

There is no required minimum or maximum amount of paid-up share capital. Normally the authorized share capital is either 1000 no par value shares or US$100,000 with a par value of US$1.

Registered shares of par or no-par value, preference shares, redeemable shares, and voting or non-voting share. Bearer shares may be issued but must be held by an authorized depository.

The company does not have to keep records in Nevis, they can be kept anywhere in the world.

Pursuant to AML/CFT Regulations, Registered Agents acting on behalf of entities are required to obtain and maintain KYC/CDD information on all control persons to include: beneficial owners, controlling shareholders, directors, managers, etc.

Yes, entities registered in Nevis must always maintain a registered agent and a registered office in Nevis.

An individual can become a member of a Nevis Limited Liability Company by adhering to the company’s Operating Agreement. If the Operating Agreement does not specify, membership can be obtained with the written consent of all members. Proof of ownership may be presented through a Certificate of Incumbency issued by the company’s Registered Agent.

There are no restrictions relating to the issuance of evidence of membership by a Nevis Limited Liability Company.

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Yes. Every company must pay an annual government fee. This fee is due from the anniversary of the incorporation and every anniversary thereafter. Nevis also requires all entities to have a registered office and registered agent in Nevis.

No. In Nevis, there is no statutory requirement for meetings or account filing. Shareholders may hold meetings at their discretion and anywhere in the world. Accounts should be kept but do not have to be filed.

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