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Nevis Foundation

A Nevis corporate foundation provides many unique benefits for our customers. It can improve the impact and focus of a company’s philanthropic activities, and at the same time advance the company’s larger strategic goals.

A Nevis multiform foundation can engage in charitable activities that would not be tax-deductible if handled directly by the company. These include loans for a charitable purpose that are paid back to the foundation; grants to for-profit entities when they are used for a charitable purpose or to advance the work of the foundation; scholarship programs; and even grants to individuals for disaster relief and economic hardship.

Benefit of a Nevis Foundation

In this modern era, everyone dreams of establishing a strong foundation that reaps both peace and money. According to experienced investors, global ventures are one of the finest ways of creating wealth and advantageous opportunities. With, many pondering about the benefits of forming a foreign foundation. Technically, a Nevis foundation allows beneficiaries and owners to experience a wide range of benefits. From confidentiality to wonderful asset protection strategies, Nevis’ foundations offer 100% confidentiality since the beneficiary will not be disclosed in any public document, only on the regulations of the foundation, which is a private document. In most cases, Nevis’ foundations are sought for their exquisite tax-exempt plans and asset protection laws.


  • Tax Savings
  • Leave a lasting legacy
  • Build a better family
  • Sidestep unsolicited Request
  • Put your money where it will do the most good
  • Open charitable programs without setting up a separate non-profit
  • Pay charitable expenses
  • Hire staff
  • Train the next generation for success

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