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Trustee, Directorship Services.

A trust is an arrangement whereby property or assets are transferred from one person (the ‘settlor’) to another person (the ‘trustee’) to hold the property for the benefit of a specified list or class of persons (the ‘beneficiaries’ or to achieve a particular purpose). A part of setting up a trust a written document (the ‘trust deed’) will be prepared. This evidence of the creation of the trust sets out the terms and conditions upon which the trustees hold the trust assets and outlines the rights of the beneficiaries.

The practical advantages of a trust are gained from the distinction that is drawn between the formal or legal owner of the property, the trustee, and those people that have the use or benefit of the property, the beneficiaries.

AAA Global Incorporation and Trust can also provide registered agent and registered trust office services for IBCs and LLCs established as private trustee companies for clients wishing to exercise trustee functions on their own account. We assist our clients with trust formation, trustee representation as well as being a fund custodian.

AAA Global Incorporation and Trust takes full responsibility for managing money and assets that have been set aside in the trust for the benefit of the customer. Everything we do at AAA is for the sustainability and growth of our client’s interests.

Service Scope

  • Act as an institutional trustee for clients
  • Act as an institutional director for clients
  • Establishment and administration of trusts and foundations, which can hold a variety of financial and non-financial assets
  • Dedicated accounting and financial reporting
  • Estate planning
  • The establishment and maintenance of banking relationships
  • Private trust companies
  • Managed trust companies
  • Employee ownership trusts
  • Charitable trusts
  • Property unit trusts
  • Purpose trusts
  • Asset protection trust
  • Will trusts/pilot trusts
  • Executor services

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