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The Nevis Advantage

Nevis is renowned for its global limited liability companies and remains a world leader in that field. Asset protection trusts are also attractive as the trust legislation is closely modeled in conformity with Cook Island Trust Legislation, the foremost asset protection legislation in the world, with creditor bonds deterring frivolous litigation. Nevis offers a suite of corporate products which are an essential part of any global asset protection structure.

The Nevis International Exempt Trust Ordinance (“NIETO”) is the governing legislation for international trusts. The NIETO allows for the creation of various types of international trusts (this includes Charitable Trusts, Non-Charitable Trusts, Spendthrift or Protective Trusts, and Qualified Foreign Trusts). Benefits of NIETO include:

  • Nevis international exempt trusts offer a great level of asset protection
  • Creditors seeking to bring proceedings against an international trust or company in Nevis must pay a substantial bond.
  • Charging orders against limited liability companies have a maximum duration of 3 years and are non-renewable.
  • Foreign judgments are not recognized.
  • Applications for Mareva Injunctions are not permitted.
  • Identities of trust and company officers are not provided to the government and are not available to the public.
  • No financial statements need to be filed for entities.
  • Proximity and similar time zone to east coast of USA makes maintaining contact with trustee or registered agent easier.

The benefits of setting up
a Nevis registered company:


Legal Income,
Capital Gain, Estate and Gift
Tax Reduction


from Inflation

Asset and Currency

Immunity to
Domestic Law


More Favorable
Foreign Laws

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