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IBC include:

  • Exempt from all taxes locally.
  • No issues with foreign exchange control in Nevis.
  • Annual reports and or financial statements are not required to be held by the registered agent.
  • The principal office and records for Nevis IBCs can be located anywhere in the world.
  • Information regarding directors, officers, shareholders, and beneficial owners may have the nationality of any country and may be resident in any country.
  • Names of Directors and Officers are not required to be filed in the Nevis Registrar of Corporations and are not available to the public. However, such information on corporate records must be retained at the Registered Agent office to fulfill AML/CFT Regulations.
  • The ability to re-domicile in or out of the country.
  • The Annual General Meetings (AGMs) are shareholders' meetings and can be held at any location within and outside of Nevis.

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