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AAA Global Incorporation and Trust is a duly licensed, fully regulated leading global business registration and trust services provider with a 30-year history of efficiently serving a large and rapidly growing clientele from around the globe. As one of the oldest trust companies in Nevis, we have helped clients register new businesses in most of the jurisdictions in the world.

Since our founding in 1994 in Nevis (St. Kitts and Nevis) as NTL Trust Ltd, we have offered a broad range of business incorporation and trust services to a global customer base. Our clients seek to work with a capable, cost-efficient, and speedy incorporator and trust company operating under the strong privacy laws of Nevis, which is one of the world’s premier jurisdictions for new business registrations.

We are an affiliate of Hamilton Reserve Bank

Hamilton Reserve Bank, whose global banking and SWIFT payment capabilities have extended our services to more than 150 countries worldwide, enabling us to seamlessly offer clients fully integrated, one-stop solutions across business registration, trust, professional trustee services, directorship, and transfers of domiciles for existing companies, while simultaneously opening new personal and business bank accounts within days.

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    About AAA Global

    Our Clients

    Our client base is large and global, spanning several continents across cultures, languages, and time zones. Our customers are lawyers, accountants, banks, businesses, investment funds, hedge funds, financial planners, estate advisers, retirement specialists, as well as worldwide family offices seeking efficient and reliable incorporation and trust services under one of the world’s strongest privacy laws in Nevis.

    We aim to give our clients more control over their hard-earned assets today, and more confidence about their holdings tomorrow – helping ensure that their families, employees, businesses, or favored charities are well looked after for years to come.

    A 30-Year History

    For nearly 30 years, AAA Global Incorporation and Trust (formerly NTL Trust Ltd) has been a duly licensed and fully regulated Registered Agent and Trust services provider serving a large and rapidly expanding clientele from around the globe. We have a strong reputation as a leading professional services firm dedicated to a high level of customer care, efficiency, accuracy, and client privacy. Headquartered on a large corporate compound in Nevis, St. Kitts & Nevis, the hometown of America’s founding father Alexander Hamilton in 1755 and a thriving British Commonwealth nation, we operate at the speed of New York's Wall Street, meeting client needs 24/7 in real-time.

    Citizenship By Investment Program (CBI)

    Citizenship By Investment Program (CBI)

    We firmly believe that a customer’s citizenship and residence should be a matter of choice, not an accident of birth. Having the right citizenships and residencies is one of the smartest decisions someone may make for a family. The world is full of uncertainties. Being an affiliate of a large global, we have the natural advantage, credibility, and the capacity to advise clients in successfully obtaining a St. Kitts & Nevis citizenship in as little as 45-90 days.

    Trustee, Directorship Services.

    Trustee, Directorship Services.

    At its simplest, a trust is an arrangement whereby property or assets are transferred from one person (the ‘settlor’) to another person (the ‘trustee’) to hold the property for the benefit of a specified list or class of persons (the ‘beneficiaries’). A trust can be created solely by verbal agreement, but it is usual for a written document (the ‘trust deed’) to be prepared. This evidence of the creation of the trust sets out the terms and conditions upon which the trustees hold the trust assets and outlines the rights of the beneficiaries.

    The practical advantages of a trust are gained from the distinction that is drawn between the formal or legal owner of property, the trustee, and those people that have the use or benefit of the property, the beneficiaries.

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